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English Summary

Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali was established in 1999 as an organization associating distributors and processors of metallurgical products. Our members are both large, international corporations, nationwide multi-branch companies, as well as enterprises operating locally in the field of trade in steel products. Among them are entities specialized in specific products and services, as well as multi-assortment distributors. Our group includes also manufacturers, service centre and structural reinforcement prefabrication plants. Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali is a place for every steel market participant in Poland, for whom honesty and integrity are important values in business.

Members of Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali are: 

  •  market leaders setting new trends 
  •  best and fastest-informed entities on the market 
  •  companies that are open to cooperation, which thanks to the association gain a competitive advantage.

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Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali supports members in the following areas: 

  •  providing industry information 
  •  conducting market research 
  •  creating analyses and studies 
  •  industry representation and participation in public consultations 
  •  platform for exchange of experience and industry meetings 
  •  organization of trainings and conferences 
  •  developing standards and certification 
  •  international cooperation
  •  promotion 
  •  industry integration

As part of Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali there operate sectoral committees and ad hoc working groups, in which enterprises interested in the selected area cooperate and exchange experience: 

  •  Structural Reinforcement Prefabrication Committee 
  •  Flat Product Service Centre Committee 
  •  Structural Committee
  •  Roofing Committee

Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali conducts nationwide activity and brings together entities from all over the country. The registered office of the organization is Warsaw. The President of the Management Board is Iwona Dybal. 
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Polska Unia Dystrybutorow Stali is an active member of EUROMETAL - an organization associating national organizations of steel distributors and processors, cooperating with sister organizations from around the world.

PUDS mission
PUDS represents and supports the interests of entrepreneurs registered in the Republic of Poland and conducting commercial and processing activities in the field of metallurgical products in the Republic of Poland and abroad, in accordance with the highest standards, by shaping and satisfying the economic and social needs of citizens in this regard.
PUDS provides steel distribution companies with a common platform for exchanging views, contacts and undertaking joint actions.

PUDS vision
PUDS represents, promotes and develops the highest technological and ethical standards in the trade of metallurgical products. PUDS is an organization associating the most reliable and reputable companies in the industry; belonging to PUDS is ennoblement and a certificate of reliability.